Dendoman 10.5T Electric Crusher

Dendoman 10.5T Electric Crusher


Nakayama has chosen the electric drive crushing system to minimize the overall life cycle costs of the machine including fuel and running costs as well as initial purchase cost. This Dendoman crusher gives higher energy efficiency, easier maintenance and troubleshooting with the electric system.

Crushing rocks, concrete, and asphalt wastes - Crushing operation in small-scale quarries and recycling plants, demolition, and construction worksites.

The jaw crusher on the crawler has remarkable crushing power and performance due to the job-engineered crushing chamber design. The simple design gives higher production, easier maintenance, economical and safe operation to cope with the demands of the new age.

BooBoo Plant Hire can supply Generators and 8T Excavators to charge and load the crusher, as well as Remote Control.


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"I was very impressed with the speed of your response by having the excavator on site within a few hours. We were commended by the the local council on the speed and professionalism on this project, My sincere thanks for your help with this project.

- Michael Murphy, Excaliber Services Ltd