Dehaco Dust Fighter 60 GTM Dust Suppressor

Dehaco Dust Fighter 60 GTM Dust Suppressor

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, a completely independent machine that can work under all conditions? We recommend our Tera 60 GTM.

The GTM is independent of power and water supply.  The machine can also be connected to the local water supply. Of course, the function of the Tera 60 GTM is based on a targeted distribution of a fine water spray to which dust particles adhere.

Conventional nozzles require lots of maintenance, because they get clogged up by lime particles in the water. The Tera 60 GTM deals with this problem permanently by using the Demto-Rotor® spray head in which the lime particles are unable to settle.
Demto-Rotor® Technology This system is highly dependable and enables adjustment of the drop size, i.e.: Position 1: Coarse drop size Position 2: Medium drop size Position 3: Fine drop size.

The 2200 litre water tank made of galvanised steel with a 2200 litre capacity. Provided with manhole for water inlet including receptacle screen, a floater at the water filling point and a lift pump.

Dehaco ECO Power generator 15ME, 16 kVA, 400 V, 60 Hz The powerful Dehaco ECO Power generator 15 ME is sunk in the frame. With a capacity of 60 kVA, 400 V, 60 Hz, this generator is extremely suitable for running the Tera 60 at full power.


  • Electrical height adjustment
  • Electrical rotation
  • Crane hooks
  • Forklift holes
  • Adjustable support legs
  • Turbine
  • Smart Ventilator
  • Comes complete with Remote Control for the cannon.


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"I was very impressed with the speed of your response by having the excavator on site within a few hours. We were commended by the the local council on the speed and professionalism on this project, My sincere thanks for your help with this project.

- Michael Murphy, Excaliber Services Ltd