Booboo Plant Hire


Apart from the extensive range of Plant that we have available to our custumers, we are able to provide:

Large Crushers

We have several large crushers which are capable of crushing 220 tons up to 400 tons per hour and we can arrange for these to be transported to your site.

These machines are in big demand so please try to plan ahead when ordering them. Click on link to see one of our 44 ton Crushers being filled and crushing.



Transport to and from your site.

For the mid size plant we have newly adapted Roll-on / Roll-Off  lorries which save having to  lift Diggers/ Dust Busters etc. These are easier, quicker and as the process can be done remotely, significantly safer.


Click on link below to see this in action.


Where larger equipment is needed we can organise low-loaders at reasonable prices.


We are able to offer for hire a versatile, mobile Conveyor system for those demolition/ refurbishment jobs at underground level. This system enables you to remove waste/ rubbish without the need to use barrows etc., saving enormous amount of time, inconvenience and cost. If you are interested in discussing this or getting a quote please contact us. Click on this link to see one of our conveyors working.


Partical exhaust filters.

Like most diesel powered plant there are restrictions on their use in confined or underground spaces and the alternatives of electric powered plant is often expensive and less efficient. At BooBoo we have fully approved Partical Filters which fit to the exhausts and this enables the equipment to meet all  HSE guidelines.

Welfare Units

Welfare cabin

We have several eco-friendly hybrid Welfare units for hire. In Economy mode, these use the battery which is recharged by a generator when necessary.